Ditch and Switch: Warm Up Your Home With These 5 Holiday Diffuser Blends

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‘Tis the season to get cozy, eat the cookies and rejoice in all the holiday has to offer, and a big part of creating that joyful feeling in your home is in how it smells when we welcome loved ones in. Traditionally I would be headed to my linen closet to pick out one of my favourite scented candles that I would have likely collected from a Boxing Day sale at a big box store the year before, but this year I am ditching the candles and switching to these beautiful holiday diffuser blends.

Christmas Spirit

If you love the earthy and spicy scents of the season, but don’t want to actually mix your scents yourself Christmas Spirit is the way to go. It has the brightness of orange oil, the spiciness of cinnamon and the earthiness of spruce making it perfect from anyone and any occassion. Not only are the oils lovely to smell but all three can help lift your mood and invigorate you. Which lets me honest is much needed during the holiday season.

How to use:

  • Diffuse 3-5 drops of Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend
  • Sprinkle in dresser drawers and closets to fragrance clothing and linens
  • Sprinkle over dried fruit, pine cones and bark for home made potpourri
ditch and switch Holiday Diffuser Blends

Boughs of Holly

If you prefer bright and earthy scents the Boughs of Holly blend would be a great pick for you. With the earthy notes of rosemary and copabia blended with the bright and cool notes of orange and spearmint you will feel like you are cuddled up in an old log cabin in the woods. What a great way to relax and escape with a good book.

The Blend:

ditch and switch Holiday Diffuser Blends

Candy Cane Lane

Are we even talking about Christmas scents if we don’t have a cool and refreshing candy cane scent? This one speaks for itself cool, a little sweet and exactly what Santa ordered!

The Blend:

ditch and switch Holiday Diffuser Blends

Winter Wonderland

When I can’t get to the forest this blend if a life saver. During the Holidays I am busy wrapping presents and baking Christmas cookies and that means I don’t always take the time I need to take in nature the way I should. This blend of earthy tree oils with a hint of cool peppermint give me a taste of the forest when life a little to busy.

The Blend:

ditch and switch Holiday Diffuser Blends

Gingerbread Cookie

Finally lets talk the start of the Christmas dessert table, that if you are like me, came from a box… The Gingerbread House. I have tried in the past and failed miserably at making my own gingerbread houses from scratch. I hope to one day try again but as long as there are preschool humans in my home… not going to happen. So because of that this blend is perfect to give the feeling of baking this classic without all the hard work!

The Blend

ditch and switch Holiday Diffuser Blends
ditch and switch Holiday Diffuser Blends

Ditch and Switch Bonus Tip!

Another great way to have your home smell like the holiday season is to ditch your regular household cleaner snacks switch it for Thieves Household Cleaner. This gem will clean your house from top to bottom and leave behind the beautiful scent of Theives which is essentially Christmas in a Bottle!

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