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Welcome to our dinner table, a place where we  share the day’s adventures, fill our souls with comforting foods and imagine what great things will come tomorrow. 

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My husband Michael and I live in small town Alberta, Canada with our three children, one boy and two girls. Growing up on opposite ends of the country, Michael and I finding one another was truly a miracle. Because of this we do a lot of our parenting without that natural village, but we have managed to find some amazing villagers along the way.

About Victoria

I grew up on the east coast of Canada, in a small city always believing that I would live in a big city one day. Never would I have imagined myself living in a small town with one grocery store and 3 traffic lights, but that is exactly where I have found myself today.

I love jumping into projects, and often get in over my head, but so always come out the other end a little wiser and rarely worse for ware.

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I love being I nature with my kids, whether it’s gardening in our backyard or snowshoeing a local forest or hiking the Canadian Rockies I am always ready to pack up the kids and see what Mother Nature has in store for us. In 2020 we started a weekly tradition of exploring local forests for what we call Forest Fridays and these adventures have been a light in our lives… even if they don’t always happen on a Friday.

The kitchen is my safe space. As soon as I could move I could be found in the cupboards mixing and making, and nothing has really changed about me in that respect except that I now follow a recipe… sometimes. My kitchen counter almost always has a thin layer of flour on them from sourdough kneading or from afternoon snack cookie baking with the kids.

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I am a huge believer that food can heal the soul and the body when made from scratch, with whole foods and a whole lot of love. Almost anything can be fixed with a hot cup of coffee and something warm with butter on it.

Five Fun Facts About Me

All 3 of my children were born 2 years and 3 weeks apart. My sister says it’s proof I am particular and organized… I don’t see it lol 

I love shoes, but prefer life barefoot

Traditional natural remedies paired with modern innovation is my jam, and almost always have an oil for that.

I grew up dancing ballet and at one point in high school spent more time in the studio than at home or school. You can still find me today busting out a fouetté in the kitchen when no one’s watching.

Alliteration sparks joy in me, always

Thank you so much for joining us at our dinner table!

Follow along for fun activities to keep you children learning, recipes that will heal your soul and a taste of our every day life adventures. We share all this and more here on the blog and our YouTube channel in weekly videos.