Must Have Essential Oils for Summer Adventures

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It’s the end of May and with that brings the official unofficial start of summer! This past weekend was the May 2-4 here in Canada and this weekend our friends south of the boarder are celebrating Memorial Day. I know for me this means the season of hiking, camping and outdoor adventuring has begun!

There is nothing I love more than exploring the world around us and the warm air and extra doses of vitamin D straight from the source really motivate me to get out there and see what I can discover. But before we head out on your next adventure I want to share with you some of my must have essential oils and non-toxic products for summer!

Must have essential oils

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Oils for the First Aide Kit


Lavaderm is a cooling mist perfect for after a day in the sun. It is aloe based with lavender, northern lights black spruce and helichrysum essential oils that will sooth and hydrate your skin.

Peppermint and Deep Relief

Must have essential oils

I’m going to be honest these two live in every room of my house all year round. Whether peppermint is being diffused to help with nausea and headaches or deep relief is being used topically for aching muscles after a long hike. This one is a must!


Must have essential oils

Like Lavaderm, lavender is great for soothing minor skin irritations, but it can also be used for it’s aromatic qualities which help with stress and anxiety. Diffuse lavender or rub on the bottoms of your feet for a relaxing sleep after a day of adventure.


Must have essential oils

Developed and diluted for children’s sensitive skin Tummygize (T-Gize in Canada) is perfect to have on hand for those days your littles are struggling with some tummy troubles.

Oh and Mamas between you and I it’s also great menstrual cramps.


R.C. or respiratory care is a blend of Eucalyptus, Cypress and Spruce essential oils that provide a fresh feeling when applied to the chest.

Tea Tree Oil

Must have essential oils Tea tree oil

Nothing like saving the best for last. Tea tree oil is a must in every medicine cabinet and first aide kit. It can be used for everything from hand sanitizer to bug repellent and anything in between.

Here are a few uses I find for Tea Tree Oil on a regular basis:

  • Acne treatment
  • Insect repellent
  • Wound healing
  • Dandruff control


If we have gotten good at one thing over the last 18 months it is hand hygiene! The struggle with this when adventuring in nature is that outhouses nearly never have hand washing facilities and that tree on the North side of a mountain most definitely will not! This is where my kids favourite item comes in, Thieves!

Using either the spray or the hand sanitizer you will be able to practice your hand washing wherever you happen to wander without all the extra chemicals that other brands tend to offer. My kids love Theives hand sanitizer because it doesn’t burn and dry their hands the way others we have tried do. I also don’t mind them sitting down to eat right after using it because I know the bad germs are gone and there is no chemical residue left behind to make its way into their sandwiches and goldfish crackers.

Sun Protection

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, and seeing that our skin is not only our largest organ but also the most exposed to the elements it is important that we take some time to think about how we protect it.

Natural Fabrics

Wearing light weight natural fibres like cotton and linen can provide provide sun protection while keeping you cool. Wearing light natural fibres allows the air to circulate keeping you cool while protecting your skin from the sun.

Mineral Based Sunscreen

When it’s just too hot to cover up or for those part of the body that are always exposed like the face and hands sunscreen it your best defence against the harmful effects of the sun. When choosing your sunscreen try to choose a mineral based sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium oxide that reflects the suns rays instead of absorbing them like traditional sunscreens do.

Here are some I have come to enjoy

Tick (and other insect) Repellent

Nothing seems to turn around a fun day outside like a bug bite. They itch, hurt and in the case on ticks are dangerous. I have made the insect repellent bellow for several years and I really appreciate how it is chemical free.

In a 2oz glass spray bottle mix the following to take along with you to keep these tiny critters away:

Liberally spray all over

Extras for the car

In this family we are big fans of the pre and post hike tail gate at the the trail head. We set down a picnic blanket in the back of the SUV, pile the kids in and we all get a few minutes of contained chaos while we eat.

Along with that contained chaos can come sticky hands, and food smeared onto the sides of the SUV. To clean those all over messes I recommend using water wipes with a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner added to the package (for the surfaces) and seedlings baby wipes (for little hands and faces).

Aromatherapy after Nature Therapy

After everyone is fed and has bathed their souls in the forest it’s time to head back home. Long drives home after such big adventures can be hard for kids and if they are anything like my Moos settling down enough to fall asleep is unlikely. This is where using a bedtime spray can help to relax everyone in the car making the drive home all the more pleasant.

To make your own bedtime or relaxation spray fill a glass spray bottle with water and a splash of witch hazel along with one of the following blends:

Just before getting the kids into their car seats lightly spray the seats, stuffed friends and blankets with the bedtime spray to help them relax and everyone have a pleasant drive home.

These blends also work great in the Gentle Mist personal diffuser (with fewer drops of oils of course).

Are you interested in learning more about oils and how they can change your life?

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