Small Space Solutions: Entrance Organization

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If your children are anything like mine spring and fall comes with a lot of gear. Here in Canada during the transition seasons each day is filled with a grab bag of weather conditions. Your day can start with 3-4 inches of snow and end with sunny warm conditions. This means that you have to be prepared with everything from ski pants to sun hats, and that can be a challenge to keep organized when you don’t have a mudroom or closet. This is how we keep our back entrance organized with spaces for hanging wet mittens and hats to dry and keeping everything easy for littles to access to promote independence.


You will need the following items to complete this project:

How to

Start by washing the wall, the 3M hooks will stick better to the clean surface, and you can check another item off your todo list because if you have kids, you have finger prints on the walls of your entry, I can almost guarantee it.

woman washing walls

Once the wall is clean choose an appropriate height to hang the hooks. Ideally they will be hung at a height where the children can independently hang their own coats, and can be raised as they get older. That’s why I chose the 3M hooks over a more permanent hook with screws, they can easily be raised as the child grows.

Mark a level line with a pencil to place the hooks on. Place the hooks evenly on the line.

Hang a jacket on one of the hooks and use this as a guide for where to place the curtain rod. You will want the curtain rod to fall below the jacket to allow airflow around the items hanging from it so they can dry quickly.

Hang the curtain rod at the appropriate height, and place the hooks on the rod.

Another rod could be placed above the hooks as well if you need more hanging space or for hats above and gloves/mittens below.

Now jackets and hats are organized leaving a tidy entry for children to come and go.

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