Goodbye Winter Hello Spring: 9 Activities to Get You Outside

9 activities for spring

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I don’t know about you but I am counting the hours until spring arrives. Generally I am a lover of winter because hot coffee, good books and warm blankets is definitely my jam; but with all that the last 12 month has had to offer I am officially over it. Thankfully, our winter was mild and allowed for so many snowy adventures but it’s time to run out the door barefoot and not have to put on 5 or 6 layers.

Goodbye Winter Hello Spring

With equinox mere hours away, I decided to put together a check list of activities that will help you transition out of the winter blahs and into spring. This will be our activity checklist for the next couple of weeks while Mother Nature decides whether or not spring has sprung.

Here you will find 9 activities that will inspire you to get outside and do the ordinary indoor activities outside. Some you have likely tried and others you may have never thought of, but I hope you are inspired to try some of the activities found on the check list and to add to it.

To get your copy of the check list just click here!

Goodbye winter hello spring

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