26 Week Bumpdate🤰🏻

This week flew by like a vacation, I took a sick day to rest, Michael came home and Monkey had his 18 month immunizations. We were busy and I felt pretty good after a day at home with some books, tea and a lot of YouTube.

Baby is moving lots, and their favourite time to dance is around 2am, but waking to those kicks is actually a lot of fun so I don’t mind one bit!

And bonus I realized as of today I only have 13 work days left until I am finished work and maternity leave begins!

Which motivated me to get one annoying chore off my list… an oil change… with a toddler. Thank goodness for animal crackers and Thomas! How did out parent s ever manage without this technology?

This Week’s Stats:

Weight Gained: 2kg (ie down 3kg)

Cravings: none!

Favourite Products: Happy Hippo Bath Bombs (I used like 3 this week)

Energy Level: Much closer to regular old me than I have seen in a while

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