25 Week Bumpdate 🤰🏻

Back to the grind! Day one of week 25 I headed back to work after an amazing 2 weeks off, that was desperately needed. Monkey slept in every day allowing me to wake up and relax with a cup of tea and a book every morning which I am hoping will continue when I am home for leave until baby comes… because we all know there will be no reading once I am back on the diaper change and feed every 3 hours schedule again.

Looking back on the week I realized how exhausting sitting can be. At this moment my job is definitely not physical and by the end of the day I am wiped! I have never been so thankful for meal planning and choosing only slow cooker meals.

The round ligament discomfort is in full swing and baby is beyond active! I went for my blood glucose level testing this week and after drinking that “wonderful” orange drink baby danced up a storm. A worry I had was that in my last pregnancy I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes and that was what brought on my premature labour because we were doing quite a few tests around my sugars as they kept coming back “strange”. Right now I am hoping no news in good news seeing that we are a week post test as of tomorrow.

I am also inclined to believe that baby had a huge growth spurt this week because I finished my lunch kit by 10:30 every day, which lead me into local coffee shops and restaurants a few times. One day while waiting for my far too expensive tuna sand which and chocolate cake to be ready to-go I over heard another patron ask “what is underground soup?” To which the waitress replied “a soup made from only things that grow underground”. This statement made my way too expensive lunch a little more worth it. This lead to me spending a few evenings with my feet elevated, while I looked through Pinterest in order to inspire a recipe for something I have never tried before. On Saturday Monkey and I ventured to the grocery store picked up our favourite root vegetables and made my first attempt at “underground soup”. I am not going to lie it was pretty awesome! (Recipe soon to come 😉)

TThis week’s stats:

Weight Gain: holding on at 5kgs

Cravings: chocolate cake

Favourite products: Brazil nut butter and Vichy BB Cream (the secret to my glow)

Energy level: beyond exhausted

13 thoughts on “25 Week Bumpdate 🤰🏻

  1. I remember that pregnancy exhaustion, and it doesn’t really ever end (at least, it didn’t for me). Now it’s just mommy exhaustion. And I work in a daycare, so I’m making it even harder on myself. 🙂 My crockpot is one of my best friends!


    • Isn’t the crock pot the best invention! I bought mine in university so I could have hot dinners after long days in the library. I use it all the time now that I am a Mama… sometimes for more than one meal a day 🤗


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