24 Week Bumpdate 🤰🏻

As week 24 draws to a close, I have to say that I am finally feeling like a normal person again. I have managed to catch every flu and cold going and ended up bed rested by the doctor or my husband because I felt so terrible. This is so different than my experience with Monkey.

For my second trimester the first time around I was traveling to the other side of the country, hanging out with friends and family and had that second trimester energy everyone always tells you about during the first trimester fog. This time around, I was tired, short and done with being done. Thankfully I was on an extended Christmas break because Monkey’s day home was closed, so we got to have lots of bonding time and fun along with mid day naps which really helped me get back into the groove of life.

24+6 weeks

I was also able to get a lot done this week, because I am all too aware that although one premature delivery does not guarantee another it does mean that I am at a much higher risk of having it happen again. Because of this I took the week to start getting the house organized and completed tasks like dismantling the guest room, ordering the crib and organizing my breast pump bag in order to see what needs replacing. Now I can go back to work knowing that the house is in a state of organization that if baby comes hickey after I start my leave (in 21 work days but who’s counting) I will not feel completely out of sorts!

This Weeks Stats:

Weight Gain: 5kgs (Finally!)
Cravings: crab dip
Favourite Products: Brazil nut body butter from the Body Shop
Energy Level: High

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