Fall Project

I know I know, I have been away for a while and I probably owe a little bit of an explanation. Things have been a little crazy around here for the last few weeks (or month) and taking a little time for me and writing was not in the cards. With the three of us adjusting to Michael’s new work schedule and a family vacation where really no one slept for 2 weeks it took a little time to get my footing back. But not it’s back and I’m ready to tackle my new Fall Project!

I know in a lot of the world people are still heading to the beach, and soaking up some rays and not ready to hear that dreaded four letter word F-A-L-L. But here in Canada, the leaves are starting to change, the light footie pyjamas are out and cups of morning tea are just a little bit yummier.

For me the best time of year is right now, late August to early October, when the days are still fairly warm and the mornings are cool enough to excuse and extra push of the snooze button. I love the colours and the smells of early fall, especially around the harvest. As a big believer of self sustainability and buying local fall is the best time of year to put my values to work by heading to the markets and food stands to buy my produce for the now and the winter months. And that my friends is where we will start my fall project.

In March I began my Spring Project where I planted far too many tomato plants and a few peppers in the hopes of canning salsa and tomatoes for the winter…. well we are still waiting for them to turn red but I think I did a pretty good job considering the closest thing to gardening i had ever done before was buy a tomato plan with fruit already on it and put it on my patio in university…. So in the coming weeks I will be canning tomatoes that will hopefully sustain us the winter.

But this week while perusing Facebook I found this add for a local food stand :

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