Happy Birthday Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦Β 

There is nothing like growing up Canadian. Our country is a beautiful mosaic of cultures, landscapes and experiences. And because Canada is such a large country it took growing up in the maritimes and moving to Alberta to really know how amazing this country truly is.

One of the best sunset spots in New Brunswick

As an adventurous spirit exploring my beautiful country through its people and places has been a highlight of my last 5 years living in the west. 

One of our favourite mountain get aways

I have been fortunate enough to bask in the fresh salt sea air of the Atlantic Ocean.

Light houses for days

Enjoyed a glass of wine on the volcanic hills of the Okanagan.

World class vineyards

I grew up in the culture of the fishing villages of the maritimes.

Quaint fishing villages

And taken weekend adventures to the dream like villages of the Rockies:

Perfect Mountain Villages

Along with all the beauty this country has to behold, is the best sense of humour in the hemisphere.

Beaver and a Moose in a Canoe… must be in Canada Eh?

What do you love about Canada? How did you celebrate Canada 150? Let me know in the comments below!

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