What’s in my Diaper Bag? CDDC Edition

Cloth Diapering at DayCare… I just so happen to have won the lottery when it come to a day home provider for Monkey. Miss J is always upgrading her education, she likes reading Monkey’s discharge reports from his specialists so she can be on board with his routines, she makes everything served at meal times from scratch with the kids, but best of all she is a rare cloth diaper accepting provider!

Finding a day home provider who would continue with cloth once I went back to work was a huge priority for me. If I was unsuccessful this last year of rinsing, washing, sunning, folding would have been for naught. Where cloth really become a money saver is when you are using them for years, stopping after one would really have been a disappointment.

While other parents are buying cases a diapers and wipes and leaving them at the day care it takes a little more planning on my part to make sure that there is always fuzz for my Monkey’s bum. 

To start you need a good size diaper bag. I use an Expand-A-Tote from Thirty-One. It’s a hostess exclusive bag that comes with 2 packing cubes that work great for extra clothes and orgazing all the little things that always get lost on the bottom the diaper bag.  Plus it expands in the middle making room during those transition months when you are packing everything from shorts to a parka! 

Then you need to know how many diapers you will need to pack. Monkeys goes to see Ms. J 4 days a week right now and tends to go through about 3 diapers from drop off to pick up, if I pack 10 then I only need to add a few extra on the next diaper day and we are good for the week!

I pre-line my diapers for Ms. J to make life a little easier for her and a million times easier for me. This way I know every diaper is lined, she can dispose of the stinky stuff easily in the diaper genie and I am not stuck with spraying out a dirty diaper that is 8 hours old.

bumGenius Elemental All-In-One in Grasshopper and Grovia Bioliner

One thing I got a ton of at my baby shower that I was certain I would use especially when out and about were wipe clutches. But even the most gentle of disposable wipes were too harsh for my Monkey so he is all cloth all the time. Up until it was time for me to start packing a diaper bag on a daily basis I thought these would end up in the donation bin; but after a little thinking I learned they make a great cloth wipe case!

Next is a change mat. At home we use cloth ones a dear friend made that can get tossed in the diaper bin whenever we have an accident, but as per day care rules Monkey needs one that can be disinfected after each use. I picked up this cute little clutch one, that even has a space to store some dry wipes just in case we run out!

Apparently it also doubles as a yoga mat

In the pouch of the wet bag I pack my trusty coconut oil and cornstarch as well as Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream. It’s one of the rare zinc oxide creams that is cloth diaper safe, and it’s a miracle worker! I also pack sunscreen because it’s FINALLY SUMMER!

And lastly I  pack the Muddy Buddy, swim gear, a hoodie and a few changes of clothing because let’s face it poo happens! 

Packing Monkey for day care sometimes looks like we are heading out for a week, but he always has what he needs. 

What do you pack in your day care bag? Do you use cloth at day care or did you switch to disposable? Let me know in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “What’s in my Diaper Bag? CDDC Edition

  1. nice that you found a daycare provider that would keep up with this! thankfully i’m past diaper bag days – i just toss a diaper in my purse and leave some wipes in the car!


  2. Wow that’s a full bag! LOL I never really thought about how cloth diapers take up a little more room than disposable.


  3. My kids are school age now (so no diaper bag), but this looks like the perfect bag. Keeping the bag well-stocked but not over-stocked is key!!


  4. I really wanted to cloth diaper but didn’t. Buuuuut my sister does and her daycare supposedly was going to do cloth but DIDN’T! So she invested in cloth and was SO upset that they changed their minds! 😦


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