Adventures with the McGills

With May Long Weekend right around the corner and the days finally starting to feel long and warm, it means it’s almost adventure time!

Adventure has been a pretty essential part of our lives over the last 5 years. Whether it’s a big vacation or a little outing Michael and I dub everything we do as an adventure, especially if it’s something Monkey has never tried before. 

This all started on our second date when Michael picked me up, and I opened the door saying “so do you want to go on an adventure?”. I was tasked with trading in a work vehicle for a new one and had about 90 minutes to get it done. I had tried when I got into town earlier in the day but couldn’t find the dealership anywhere! Google maps was pretty terrible at the time and I was still trying to learn the whole Street vs Avenue NE vs SW directions in he addresses. Plus it was Edmonton and I had only ever been to the city three times before this and only knew the training office and West Edmonton Mall at this point. With Michael’s help we managed to get the task done and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening doing more normal second date activities like dinner and movie. 

The rest as they is history! 

Before Monkey was born Michael and I tried to get a few big adventures in a year like zip lining and adventure courses

Mountain and glacial adventures

Maritime Adventures

Our favourite Wine Country adventures

European adventures

And just plain old every day adventures 

This summer I hope to have a big adventure (or two) and lots of little ones so here is my summer 2017 bucket list!

  1. Go to a Michael’s Family Reunion in BC
  2. Pick strawberries from a local you pick
  3. Go to the zoo (again and Again and AGAIN!!)
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Ride bikes
  6. Have a day at the beach
  7. Take a picnic at the park
  8. Go to the corn maze
  9. Have a fire and roast marshmallows 
  10. Spend some time in the mountains
  11. Visit at least 1 national park
  12. Go to the Canada Day festivities
  13. Take Monkey to the local pool or spas park
  14. Have patio drinks with Michael and great friends
  15. Spend lots of time as a family

What is on your summer bucket list? If you could do anything this summer what would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

    16 thoughts on “Adventures with the McGills

    1. Wow, all of your adventures look like you have had a lot of fun! Your summer bucket list sounds like you will have a great summer ahead!


    2. Aww, I love the story of your second date! Sounds like you guys have some fun things planned for this summer too!


    3. I hope you can check everything off of your bucket list! Sounds like you guys have had some good times! I love going on adventures too!


    4. Awesome buckrt list. I need to get mine posted. Our summers seem to go so fast i figure with a list we maybe able to accomplish more.


    5. I love these ideas! I have 2 kids under 3 and adventuring is really hard for us. Getting out of the house is an adventure in itself, lol! This has inspired me to make my own bucket list to make sure that we don’t get bogged down with the busyness of our kids and make sure we enjoy the summer!


    6. What amazing adventures! Your bucket list is great – I need to make one for the summer too. On it would be going to our cabin up north for a week, plenty of time at the beach and taking lots of photographs of my children enjoying the summer weather cause in Wisconsin I swear we only get a few months of summer!


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