Spring Project Part 3

One of my wishes for Mother’s Day was to have some time to get my tomotoes transplanted; and Saturday afternoon was sunny and cool during nap time. Perfect weather for planting! 

Over the last month we have been slowly collecting yogurt and cottage cheese containers, until about two weeks ago I realized that more tomatoes sprouted than didn’t and I only had 4 yogurt containers! That was not going to work for the 28 tomato plants we had; so we increased our dairy intake over the last few weeks so I could get the tomotoes into roomier pots.

Then I filled them all with soil

Labeled the containers

Separated the sprouts

Transplanted them  

And because the weather has been beautiful this past week, the plants have been hardened off so they can live outside now, at least on days when we aren’t expecting frost! 

I am pretty excited for the next steps in the project, especially for a big surprise that may be coming down the pipes! 

How are your summer projects coming along? Are you enjoying this beautiful weather? Let me know in the comment below!

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13 thoughts on “Spring Project Part 3

  1. I am so jealous! We have tried planting tomatoes several times, but the squirrels always get them before we do!


    • We will see how this year goes it’s my first try in Alberta so I may loose them all or I could can enough to last for years!


  2. So we planted these beautiful transplants and they started blooming and it was wonderful until we noticed big black spots on all of our tomatoes. So sad. Apparently the PH was too high or something. Thanks for posts like these that help people with black thumbs like me. haha


    • Oh no! That’s too bad, I hope this doesn’t t happen to mine. This is my first go at planting from seed and planting in the ground so I hope it works out!


    • If Easter weekend wasn’t the best weekend to plan I probably would not have had time to start this project either! Timing was just perfect this year and now I am hooked!


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