Spring project UPDATE

The tomatoes and peppers are sprouting! I opened the cartons to water them last week and there were a few little sprouts of my herloom crimson cushions and now look! 

This morning I found a pepper sprouting.

I think we will be transplanting to the larger pots this weekend!

See the rest of the steps to the project here with Spring Project and Spring Project Part 2

How are your spring projects coming along? Let me know in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “Spring project UPDATE

    • You would think but these are the first plants I have ever kept alive! I credit my little for the plants growing. If I can grow a person I can grow a plant!


  1. Oh, so much fun! I love gardening! When I’m feeling better, we’re going to put in a small garden in the backyard and I’m so looking forward to planting it with the help of my middle child (she’s 8)!


    • That’s so great! I did patio gardens when I didn’t have the space or didn’t have the time or motivation to do a big one. Hopefully you get to do a little planing soon!


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