10 Things about 32

I LOVE my Birthday. It’s my most favourite day of the year. It always falls on my favourite week in the best month of the year, April 16… TODAY!!! Yay!!! 🎉

And in celebration of my special day here is a list of 10 things that made 32 so special.

  1. Monkey was home for my first Mother’s Day
  2. Michael and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary 
  3. Michael and I both brought Monkey home to meet our families.
  4. We had our first Christmas in our new house.
  5. I mastered the pizza stone
  6. And rye bread on the pizza stone
  7. I got really sick but got my priorities straight because of it
  8. I spent the entire year loving these Monkey  feet​.
  9. I learned the power of regular pedicures… especially in the winter.
  10. I Started Dinner at the McGills and I’m enjoying every minute of it! 

Even though 32 began with a pod party, it turned out to be a magnificent year, that flew by far too quickly! I am so excited to see what 33 brings!

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