Knowing I’m “that mom”

One of the things that has made going back to work a lot easier for me is realizing what kind of mom I am. 

When Monkey was first born Mommying was easy for me. We had a strict routine and schedule, and Monkey loved cuddles. All things I am good at scheduling and  baby cuddles. When he was discharged I also rocked that with my Erin Condren full of appointments and diaper days, treatment papers and strict rules from the medical team about what to do and what not to do, activity days and planned pajama days. 

As Monkey grew, learned and professionals discharged him from programs and we had more and more time I home I started to realize there are some things I am not great at in the Mommying department, like playing. I am terrible at playing, especially when it comes to being the person leading the play, and realizing this really made me sad. 

I always knew play was never my strong suit, when I was a child I liked to colour, bake and read more than play dolls or house; but I had hoped that once I had my own little I would be able figure it out and enjoy it. That did not happen for me, not even a little. I love spending time with Monkey and watching him discover the world and learn new things but I really needed to work up all my energy to play farm or trucks and even at 10 months old he knew I was not great at it. 

When we finally found a day home for Monkey and I saw how much he would be played with that really put my heart at ease about going back to work. While there he will have his imagination stimulated and he will meet so many friends to play with and have someone who is actually good at helping him grow this way.

While realizing the things I’m not very good at I also realized the things I am good at. I am the mom who will make sure that Monkey has a good routine, he will make bread and homemade cookies with me on the weekends. I will be a mom who take him to Disneyworld when he’s too young to know how to enjoy it and again when he old enough to ride all the roller coasters. I am the mom who is already planning a trip to the Vatican for his confirmation year and  an adventure to Hawaii so he can see the sea turtles. 

And while being a working mom and going on adventures and planning to plan may not make up for my lack of play skills, it’s what I do well and I will do it every day for my little Monkey, and I’m really ok with that.  I know that going to work everyday gives him a chance to learn more than I could ever teach him, and me an opportunity to give him the best part of me. 

What is your best mommy skill? Let me know in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Knowing I’m “that mom”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I definitely think it serves us all to know our strengths and weaknesses, as we all have both. I love the idea I’d take him to the Vatican his confirmation year. I’d love to do that for my boys!


    • Thank you! We went to the Vatican and toured the Mediterranean for our honeymoon and we decided then that we would make that trip a priority. Fingers crossed and lots of prayer and we will hopefully be able to do it!


  2. Good perspective here: Embrace the mom you are. I can relate to you on not wanting to play. Sometimes I have a hard time with getting in the right mindset for my kids when it comes to play. My mind keeps going to the million things I need to “do” instead of the one thing I need to “enjoy.”


  3. I can’t love this more. It’s unfair to expect perfection in all things from ourselves. We have to play to our strengths. I can play like a boss but, if I could, my kids would live off of PBJ and Cheerios. It doesn’t do anyone any good to focus on the things we can’t do well. Successful people focus on what they CAN do (and delegate the rest)! 🙂


  4. It’s so important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a parent and you totally have! That’s such a step in the right direction. I also really struggle with playing with my kids. I wish I enjoyed it more/ was better at it but if I’m honest I’m not.


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