The 10 things I learned my first week back at work

I am one week closer to retirement, a lottery winning or another matternity leave, and I have to say I AM EXHAUSTED!!! But I have learned a few things this week that will hopefully make my life a little easier next week. 

1. EBTs are your best friend…. 5:45am arrives way too soon when you stay up past 9:30pm especially when Monday has immunizations and we had a bit of a rough night… Let’s just say I was a little less made up and a lot less sharp on Tuesday.

2. Practice family table. This was something we really tried to do as often as possible when I was home but sometimes it’s just easier to feed Monkey, do his routine and then relax with my dinner for the evening. But now that he is an independent feeder for the most part and we have such little time together now this is a great time to play and have some bonding time. 

3. Crock pots, freezer meals and husbands who make guacamole are your key to success. A few weeks back I made some yummy easy to prep freezer meals that a toddler would eat and planned to have crock pot dinners on nights that life lets me prepare ahead. I was also luck that Michael is off this week so he manned the kitchen and took a huge load off my shoulders. 

4. Shower at night. No one has time for morning showers anymore, trust me… even on mat leave I was lucky to get a shower before 2 so with changing to evening showers I am much closer to keeping my regular schedule than if I switched it back to mornings. And make sure to dry your hair at night, this just leaves curling or straightening in the am and that means an extra 15 minutes of sleep in for Mama!!

5. Pack your diaper bad for the week. That’s right on Sunday night put everything you know you need (diapers, wipes, bibs, changes of clothes, toothbrush) in the diaper bag.  That way you only have to add in the few extras like outside clothes that is weather dependent and outdoor shoes in the mornings. 

6. Do the same for your gym bag… even if you don’t make it there. I knew this week would be way to difficult to actually go to the gym on lunch but now that I have a rhythm I will be implement that into my routine again. If I pack it all on Sunday and it goes in my car Monday morning I think it will help me get a little closer to my goals and not getting to work and having forgot something really helps with keeping goals set.

7. Leave your heels at the office. No one wants to try and walk with diaper bag, lunch kits, purse, gym bag and work bag in heels when it’s been probably 18 months since you have worn them. Trust me just throw on your mom Toms and slide into your heels when you get to your desk.

8. Put an entire outfit on ONE hanger. Yup that’s right! I stumbled on this by accident because I bought pieces from Old Navy, The Gap and Rickis to build my back to work wardrobe (capsule wardrobe post soon to come) and because some I bought in store and others I bought online I just started putting the pieces on one hanger so I knew everything arrived and I didn’t end up not wearing some of the pieces because they got lost in the closet. This made mornings really quick and easy.  I only need to decide on one item, pull the hanger and I’m ready for the day. It may take a little longer on laundry day but it is well worth it in the morning.

9. Evenings are for quality time. The first few days I really felt terrible for being at work instead of hanging out with my little Monkey, and then I noticed how goomy evenings were with him. How I wasn’t reaching for my phone during play times, and bath time wasn’t just for washing hair. Everything had so much more meaning to it because time is so limited. I really treasure my evenings now.

10. Know that next week will go a little smoother... or maybe it won’t but that’s ok because you are doing your very best! Plus you are one day closer to a vacation right?!?

What is your number 1 back to work tip for new moms? How did you survive your first week?

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