Time to Shake Things Up a Bit

One of the sage pieces of wisdom you get when you are preparing for baby is “Don’t worry they will fall into a routine, but they will change it up as soon as you are comfortable” (insert laugh track here). And this for the most part is very true. For example Monkey was basically sleeping through the night 7p-7a from December when we sleep trained until mid February when he started cutting his top front teeth. Now he is up once or twice a night for a quick snuggle and sometimes a Tylenol top up. This is becoming our new routine until those babies actually break through the gums and he is more comfortable, and then he will hopefully give me a solid 12 hours again. And that sounds wonderful except that will probably be just in time for Mama to throw a huge wrench in the routine because it’s time to go back to work!

Nothing will disrupt a little ones routine who has spent every waking moment of the last 52 weeks with you like only being home with them 3 hours a day. So in order to soften the blow we decided that March would be a transition month, where he would go to his day home a few days this month in order to get to know Miss J, and for him to spend a little time away from me so he knows I am coming back when I leave him there in the morning. And so far so good!

Leaving for his first morning at day care

He goes the Miss J easily when I drop him off and he is always happy when I come back. But he has never done consecutive days… or full days for that matter. That will only start in April when I am back full time which could make for an interesting transition for both of us!

How did you handle your transition to day care and back to work? I would love to hear your stories of encouragement in the comments below!

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