My “I’m too busy” dinner

Yesterday was a very busy day, between getting Monkey ready for day care and trying to get groceries done during the two after nap times the last thing I wanted to was spend more time than I needed to in the kitchen. But I have a Monkey who needs to be fed 5 times a day and puffs with a side of clementines just doesn’t cut it for supper. So I resorted to my tried and true “I’m too busy to cook” meal that looking back makes me wonder when I was ever too busy to cook… but I digress. 

After plating up my meal I thought it looked so pretty I just had to take a picture for Instagram (@the_mcgills2015). So I posted this:

And I received a few comments about how yummy it looked and how people wanted to join us for our too busy nights to which I need to respond… THIS ALL CAME OUT OF A BOX!!! So that means you can do this too! 

It’s just McCain sweet potato fries, boxed chicken burger and boxed salad greens…. the rest are just things I had around the house like provolone sliced cheese, buns and left over onions from Sunday pizza. 

Makings of I’m too busy minus the sweet potato fries and onions…. because we ate them all

Everything goes in the oven at the same time for 15-20 minutes, place the greens on you plate with some optional tomato/cucumber etc. and That Is It!

And the best part is it’s not that bad for you at 550 Cals and 39g of protein.

What is your go to dinner when you are too busy to cook? Let me know in the comments below!

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