Danger Danger Electricity Danger

How is it that you can baby proof your house and the second you put your little one down they are instantly attracted to the one thing you missed while going through your home with a fine toothed comb? This is the phase we are in right now with Monkey or as we like to call him “Danger Danger Electricity Danger” for all the mischief he seems to find himself in at the moment. 
Michael and I are certainly not helicopter parents but we also don’t prescribe to free range parenting philosophies either. We strive to allow Monkey the freedom he needs to learn and grow, but in a safe environment. Or at least what we think is safe until he quickly shows us it most certainly is not safe at all, not even a little. 

My cousin Nathan is a volunteer fire fighter and gifted us with several baby proofing tools at our baby shower which we promptly installed as soon as Monkey was rolling twice in a row, because he’s the kind of kid that will not learn a new milestone for months, I will set up a reassessment with a therapist and while I’m on the phone booking the appointment will make the next 3 milestones and skip ahead and do one he shouldn’t be doing for another month or so. Needless to say we needed to be on top of this baby proofing thing as soon as he showed any interest in being mobile. 

Along with Monkey’s new found mobility came along his sense of curiosity and love of danger. He can spot and uncovered plug across the house, and will fearlessly climb a flight of stairs to retrieve a rogue paper airplane. 

If there is danger in close proximity that is his obvious first choice in a toy, like the day he had an accident in his tub at bath time so I had to quickly move him to our bathroom where there are about a million lotions and potions with secure lids he could play with but grabbed my razor off the wall of the tub while I was putting him in the water. This kids has ninja danger reflexes.

Or how he can look out the kitchen window by just standing on the floor, but instead he insists on stand on an old wobbly shoe rack that is usually holding a few too many pairs of shoes. 

But probably his number 1 danger move since being confidently vertical is his one foot on the floor and the other on a magazine, slippery toy or other unstable thing and then bend over to pick up a toy and face plant into the floor. How this child has yet to get a black eye is beyond me and a true testament to his resilience… because this happens about 10 times a day

And playing looks a lot like this

And this

One things for sure this little Monkeyseems to have a love for adventure so I am sure we will have some amazing stories in the years to come! 

How did you baby proof for you little? What is your favourite “danger baby” story? Let me know if the comments below!

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