Valentine’s Day is Feb 17 right?!?!

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love Valentine’s Day and those who hate it. Michael and I fall in a small group who are right in the middle.  

We are the ones of completely forget about the holiday until we are completely annoyed by seeing a commercial for some big box jeweller and say “its way too early for this Christmas just ended” me then we realize it’s February 12 and it’s not too early.  But this doesn’t mean that we don’t “Do Valentine’s Day”  or “Cheesy Romance”. Michael is the king of cheese and I love planning a special February meal for us, we just never celebrate on the 14th. That’s because we always wait until the 17th.

We have actually never celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th in the 5 years we have been together, not even our first one and that little story goes like this…

In February 2012 Michael and I went on our second date in Edmonton while I was there on training, and I think it was a pretty pivotal one for both of us. After that dinner and a movie, Michael asked me to come down to Red Deer on his next days off because it was Family Day long weekend and the weekend after Valentine’s Day. I arrived there on February 16th for the weekend to a weekend filled with fun and romantic activities like watching a band rehearsal for Sunday Worship, ordering in pizza and watching movies, authentic Greek Food (honeymoon foreshadowing maybe???), a winter picnic and so much more. He certainly achieved his goal of making me fall in love with him that weekend. 

We were so young

That weekend I met some of the most important people in Michael’s life and was able to picture what life would be like if I lived here, because until that point I was counting the days until my 2 year bonus contract was up so I could go home. It was a weekend that changed our lives and because of that I am so thankful that we don’t celebrate February 14, but take our own special day to remember that love can conquer all and can change your life forever. 

So don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (the_mcgills2015) to see what adventures we take this weekend for Valentine’s Day. 

What do you and your special someone do for Valentine’s Day? Have you ever had one that changed your life? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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