How We Spent Less Than $200 on Diapers in the First Year!

Before we even started trying to start our family, Michael and I talked about what we would do to cut costs to make sure I would be able to stay home for the entire first year. For those of you who are not Canadian or have not looked at the numbers although Canadians are intitled to a year of parental leave it isn’t without its financial strain and with Alberta being in another recession having to go back to work early was a real possibility for me. We made plans to put extra in savings, and  hoped that breastfeeding would work, but we also made a decision about diapering. 

I really struggle with buying things for them to go directly into the garbage like paper towel, paper plates and the infamous Red Solo Cup; and not only because they are bad for the environment but because every time I use them I see my money go into the trash. So why would I spend money on diapers for them to just go right down the toilet (pun totally intended), when I can invest a little now and be done with diaper purchasing for not only Monkey but all our babies to come. Thankfully Michael was game, and even interested in us trying prefolds (more on that in a future post). 

Now to answer the big question… how did we do this for under $200 investment? 

  • Diaper shower
  • Used diapers
  • Prefolds

And that is honestly it, these three things  helped us build our stash while eleviating some of the burden of the initial cloth diaper investment. 

In my family the men throw a diaper party for the Dad-to-be. This is just a guys night for the husbands and boyfriends of the women coming to the shower and friends of the Dad-to-be. They are to bring a case of beer and usually a case of diapers. In our case the guys brought a cloth diaper. This started or stash off with 8 pocket diapers.

When it comes to used diapers I can understand why some people would be apprehensive about them. I mean no one wants used underwear no matter how in need you are! But when it comes to diapers it’s a little different, you can strip them, bleach them and sanitize them in the washing machine and if there aren’t any stains they come out like new. 

We bought 10 pocket diapers from a friend for $3 a piece. They didn’t include inserts but that’s ok because that’s where my 3rd step comes in!

Pre-fold diapers are amazing! Not only can you use them on their own with a cover but you can fold them and use them as an inserts and they only cost $2.95 each! I ordered 15 of them along with 2 covers.

If you are keeping track that is $74.25 and we have 23 diapers, and this is what we had in our drawer when Monkey came home from the hospital. After that I picked up a few All in Twos and pockets that I just loved the patterns of totalling our diaper stash of 31 diapers at $187.25! That’s $6.04 a piece! 

I found with washing every other day to every 3 days this has been enough diapers even with changing Monkey about 8 times a day. If we have baby number 2 before Monkey is potty trained then we will have to invest a few more diapers but if we are lucky enough to only have 1 baby in diapers at a time we potentially could diaper all out littles for under $200 total! And if that doesn’t make you want to switch to cloth how could you resist this little fuzzy butt!

Did you go with cloth or disposable diapers? What did you do to make Maternity leave a little easier on the wallet? Let me know in the comments below!

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