Mommy Moment: Taking Control of WHAT?!?

Some of you may know that Michael and I are practicing Catholics, and when I say Catholic I don’t mean wedding mass and Christmas and Easter Catholics. I mean no meat on Friday,  weekly mass, Natural Family Planning Catholics. Yes, I said it people, we believe in NFP and I can see the images of extra large families we see on TV running through your mind but I promise you there is more to it than that, like its surprisingly feminist. 

Since our pre-Cana classes I have been researching NFP to find out which method works best for our family, and the common thread that I discovered is that living this life not only allows us to manage the size of our family, but also empowers me to have control over my body and what is more feminist than that. Choosing this method allows me trust in myself and my knowledge of my body instead of a drug and in truth a pharmaceutical company that doesn’t know me or my cycle. If you think about it, if pants are not one size fits all… or even one cut fits all (we all have a tailor because there is always something that needs a little taking in or out) how can we expect a company to create one formula that works for my biology as well as every other woman’s body on the planet. 

How many women try for years to find the right dosage and brand of birth control only to settle for the one with the least side effects? How many times to do we hear on the nightly news that several young women have died from using brand “X” and it is now being recalled? All because they are trusting someone else to take control of their bodies and sexuality instead of learning about themselves and creating a custom plan for themselves, that does work.

So why am I talking about this now? Well NFP is not something that you can just learn about and you are good for the rest of your life. Your body is ever changing and that means you have to keep learning how to tweak your plan to meet the needs of your goal either trying to avoid or trying to conceive. Right now I am going through a change. Monkey is staring to wean, meaning those ever so important night feeds to keep my prolactin levels high will soon be gone and I will need to start charting again, and because I haven’t had to do that while breastfeeding and not always getting a full night sleep, its back to the bookshelves for me to find out how I actually do that.

Reading through several NFP forums and websites I found that Taking Charge of Your Fertility  by Toni Weschler was by far the most recommended book out there right now so as of today I am starting there.

I’ll let you know how it goes and what I think but so far I am very happy with the recomendations.

If you practice NFP what books and resources have you found useful?

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