Baby Basics: Night Nursing, There’s An App For That

While at a Tupperware party a few weeks ago, yes Tupperware parties still exist, I over heard a new again mama talking about how she was working her way through Greys Anatomy for the 3rd or 4th time right now on Netflix. When I heard her say that I immediately thought “You must be still night nursing”.

When Monkey was first in the hospital and jaundice I wasn’t able to hold him so this made it really difficult to pump enough milk to sustain him. While venting my frustrations to his nurse one day she gave me a formula that I continue to use to this day that helps everything go so much smoother. She told me to lay a warm blanket over myself, have lots of water near by and watch or read something that will take your mind off of what you are doing. And low and behold I pumped this much 

Instead of less than the less than a ml I was getting before. 

So much about breastfeeding is in your head that just thinking about something negative can really affect your supply, and when you are in the NICU a lot of your thoughts are negative whether you want them to be or not. If you can get out of that head space and zone out it makes a world of difference.

I had been given the same advice from my friend Isabelle before Monkey was born. She told me to make sure I had a few shows with a lot of seasons ready to go on Netflix because that would get me through the night feeding. 

Because Monkey was in the NICU and most of my pumping was done in hospital  watching Netflix wasn’t an option for me, but scrolling through my Facebook feed was. I spent a lot of time reading all the click baite I scrolled upon. When we finally were all home, I was already in the habit of needing quiet while I nursed, so with a better internet connection at home than at the hospital I was able to branch out to Candy Crush, mostly because it can be played with one hand and you can only play a few rounds before you have to wait for a refill of lives making it a pretty good timer for when Monkey should have been about finished. After getting bored with Candy Crush I moved onto my current rotation reading mommy and lifestyle blogs and playing Two Dots. 

At this point Monkey is a pro at breastfeeding, even after a week off when I was sick he picked it back up like nobody’s business. But that doesn’t mean that I want to sit in the dark for a half hour before every nap, bedtime and 4am feeding with nothing to do so I continue the tradition. 

What I want to know is what is your night nursing guilty pleasure? Let me know in the comments below!

Baby Basics is a once a week post focused on all things baby! We will cover things as light as the toys we are really loving at the moment and outfits that melt your hear to as serious as some medical professionals I found helpful working with. Come back weekly and see what we are up to!

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