The “F” Word: Vino in my Viens

One of the exciting things about Monkey eating solids is I can finally sit down at the end of an evening every now and then with a glass of wine. Now this may not sound like so much of a big deal to some of you but for me, it’s pretty exciting. 

I will never forget the first time we went out for dinner after we found out we were expecting. We traveled to Banff for the weekend to go to The Grizzly House to take our announcement picture. 

When the waiter came by to ask what we wanted for drinks I had no idea what to order, and felt like a 10 year old ordering just water. This is where my love of San Pallegrino began, but that is a story for another day. Today we are talking about wine and all the exciting places Michael and I have enjoyed it throughout the years, because let’s face it we have had some fun wine adventures over the years. We even planned our honeymoon around it!

One of our first wine adventures was our second summer together. Michael and I went camping in Jasper on the Canada Day long weekend on our way to Kelowna. We paid more for one bottle of wine than we did for our camping space! Needless to say I like my wine European.

Jasper National Park, July 2013

Our next wine adventure actually started with some wine while binge watching and clearing the PVR. The weekend after getting home from our Kelowna adventure we  were watching the first episode of the Amazing Race Canada and the final pit stop was at the Quails Gate Vineyard in Kelowna. When they panned over the vineyard I looked at Michael and said “We need to go there!”, and two months later we did. 

Winery Tour in Kelowna September, 2013

A funny story to go along with that trip is that Michael and I were supposed to get engaged that weekend. We had just come home from a long vacation in New Brunswick and the US and had decided it would be nice to end our summer adventure in the mountains with some wine or so I thought. Michael had been planning since that Amazing Race comment to propose there in the fall. But the jewellers had another plan because my ring was not ready until we got back so his plans had to change a little. 

Now fast forward to 2015, when Michael and I decided to plan our honeymoon we wanted to go where the wine, cheese and bread was free flowing and amazing. Naturally we went to Italy, where we could enjoy a glass for lunch, dinner and anytime in between. 

In the streets of Florence

During this amazing month long trip around the Mediterranean we really adopted the lifestyle of a glass of wine at a meal can really complement to food and enhance the experience. We visited ancient wine cellars that stored some of our favourite wines​

at dinner in Venice
And at every sunset in Santorini

So naturally now that we are home and a year and a half later we celebrate the big thing like our first wedding

And the small things, like home made pizza on a Friday night

With a little wine.

How do you celebrate the big and little moments? Let me know in the comments. 

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