Baby Basics: Bedtime Bath Lotion

I have been using this magical lotion every night since Monkey came home from the hospital, and I have to say when he is having a bed night I can see a difference after a little massage with this yummy smelling lotion. It is a homemade lotion made of coconut oils and some essential oils I always keep on hand. 

I mix one cup of  softened coconut oil with 20 drops Gentle Baby Essential Oil and 10-15 drops Lavender Essential Oil. Then I pour it into a jar and use it nightly after Monkey’s bath. It is moisturizing, Monkey had never had a dry patch of skin, and we live in what feels like the driest part of the country this time of year! 

The best part is that because it is coconut oil based its cloth diaper safe so you can moisturize baby from head to toe with one lotion… which is amazing when you see how many bottles of lotions, bubble bath, shampoo, vitamins etc that can pile up in your bathroom once baby comes along.

Baby Basics is a once a week post focused on all things baby! We will cover things as light as the toys we are really loving at the moment and outfits that melt your hear to as serious as some medical professionals I found helpful working with. Come back weekly and see what we are up to!

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