Mommy Moment: Nap Time for Mommy

I remember one Saturday a few weeks before Monkey was born vegging out on the couch in my pyjamas all day, eating candy and watching Netflix thinking “It’s going to be a long time before I can do this again”. I was quickly reassured not to worry that, that is exactly how my next year would look like snuggling with my Monkey on the couch and vegging out during nap times. Well this was the one thing that I was actually very right about when it came to parenting. 

With all the appointments and therapy that needed to be done during the day, and only getting on a sleep schedule at 8 months old there was very little time for hanging out one couch. Now that I am so used of cramming in all my to do’s while Monkey is sleeping my nap times look more like this:

Now that I am feeling better I am trying to make it a bigger priority to rest for at least one of Monkey’s nap time a day so that my life includes a little more Netflix and a little less “Nettoyage”. 

To all the mommies out there take time from the start for yourself each nap time so you don’t have to start training yourself to sit down every once in a while like I have to.

Mommy Moment is a weekly post that covers my thoughts, feelings and experiences as a mom. Come by every Monday to read about what it’s like to be a once career focused mom of a premature baby, who sometimes solo parents, loves cloth diapering and often bites of more than she can chew.

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