The “F” Word: Fitness Challenge

In a few days everyone will be making New Years resolutions and the I know from experience that a very popular one is to loose weight. Now that Monkey is almost 9 months old and I have 3 months left of my maternity leave I figure it’s probably time for me to hit the gym a little harder so I can fit into my work clothes again. Not only will I be hitting the gym but I will be making healthier choices, because I refuse to to believe that the only way you can loose weight is with some of these crazy diets and meal replacement programs out there.

I am a foodie so one day I will want to eat real food again and along with that will come the weight I lost and some of its friends. I want to show Monkey how to eat properly so he doesn’t have to worry about these things when he’s an adult, because let’s be honest weight worry takes up way too much brain space for many of us.

For the challenge I will be posting daily on Instagram what I am eating, and my workout plan/Fitbit screen. The last Friday of every month I will let you know my progress, what worked and what didn’t work. And because I know I won’t be the only one making this resolution I challenge all of you to join me! Tag me in your Instagram posts and comment below what is working for you. Let’s cheer each other on because we all need a little support when it comes to fitness.

The “F” Word is a weekly post about all the fun things. On Fridays we will talk about food, fashion, family, friends, faith, fitness and other f words that make life a little brighter.

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